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10 Runs Season ticket online
If you travel frequently on the same route, 10 trips season ticket is the cost-effective solution for you. You'll have 10 trips, always on the same route, you can book and use within 120 days.

The season ticket can be purchased on any national destination.

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How to buy?
You can buy 10 runs season ticket directly online! Check the user manual for more information on the process.

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Super convenience
For example 10 trips at ordinary price from Taranto to Milan costs 570,00 ( 57 each) while the 10 runs season ticket from Taranto to Milan costs only 377.00 ( 37,70 each)**

Therefore, the user who has bought the season ticket will have a save of 30%

** Rates listed in the example are subject to changes
You can use your season ticket to make reservations and travel within 120 days. Reservations can be used only by the holder of the booking. For more information, please read the terms of use
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