Marino Bus Lines
Marino company
The Marino bus lines were born in 1957, in order to fulfill the needs of transportation in the in Basilicata Puglia and, in addition to rental from remittance of buses and cars.

Was born in the province of Matera in Irsina by its founder Michele Marino. The first grant its in the year 1957 on the line Irsina - Taccone. 

Later the family moved to Altamura, strategically located in the territory of Upper Murgia, currently operating, legal and management headquarter. Today, the management of Marino continues with his son Gerardo, who has extensively expanded the activity in the major cities in Basilicata and Puglia, not forgetting the great cities of central and northern Italy. 

Our experience at your service
His long journey which lasts for 50 years, has seen steady growth in services, quality and human resources, these help ensure an efficient service for passengers and a job to all those who work at the company.

With the new impulse in the management, the Marino bus lines, constantly oriented to the high quality of service, public transport and bus lines, are a point of reference for Italy.
Efficiency, reliability and hospitality
The company currently manages an important network of bus lines that run from Basilicata, Puglia and Sicilia, for some of the most important cities in central and northern Italy, adding to this some of the most important European cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne, Luxembourg, etc.. and non-European as Casablanca.

From the beginning, our first objective was the total customer satisfaction and the achievement of a higher quality: efficiency, reliability and style of hospitality are the values ​​of our company and a commitment that is renewed day after day.
Marino bus fleet
The Marino fleet consists of 120 recently built buses, constantly revised to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency.

Leading the buses are professionals with a long and proven experience, highly qualified, that reflect the values ​​of Marino company.

The Marino in the choice of vehicles opted for comfort, with reclining armchairs, more spacious than the standard, covered with hypoallergenic material to give passengers a more comfortable, stylish and relaxing ambience.

All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, color TV, hi-fi stereo, toilet and mini bar.
International Line
Pride of Marino is the international line. Born with few pretensions, given the strong competition within Europe, is today one of the most popular and became a reality for our company.

Every week, there are many passengers who rely on our company for the efficiency, reliability and cost. Passengers who use our international routes are various, from those using our services for the first time, to those that monthly or weekly, for reliability and convenience, travel thousands of kilometers from southern Italy to central Europe to the immigrants countries : these are our "commuters".
Growth and Innovation
Our passengers, precisely because of their constancy are an integral part, promoters, advisers and main source of advertising.

In fact, just because of them, our lines have had a steady increase, so we are honored to thank all those who have made the Marino bus lines a daily lifestyle.

Thanks to this steady growth both on national and international line and the constant demand, Marino is renewed with the acquisition of new locations and new concessions that the company, after a careful analysis, proposed on the transport market.
Quality and Competence
Today the company is proud to offer links to some of the major economic and cultural capital of Europe, such as the city of Zurich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Grenoble, Lyon, Casablanca and many more in the near future will be destination of our loyal customers.

Operating headquarter: Via Carpentino 1063 c.s. - 70022 Altamura (BA) Italy
P.Iva 03613570724
Registro delle Imprese di Bari n 03613570724
Repertorio Economico amministrativo: BA - 266012
Capitale sociale i.v. 31.200,00
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